Our roots and business philosophy stem from a half-century of working with plants and landscape design in some of the most prestigious and respected companies and institutions in the country, among them: J.E. Miller Nurseries, one of the largest and most innovative mail-order companies of its era, Cornell Geneva Experiment Station, an institution second to none in the science of plants, and Sonnenberg Gardens, an institution that has combined the will of a community with the legacy of a horticulturalist to become a benchmark example of the art of landscaping and landscape architecture.

Through these experiences, Mary Ann and James Rose created a new type of landscape/home service company that is unique and socially conscious. In short, we are sensitive to the wide ranging needs of our customers and community, we understand where we came from. Our decisions are based in science, and foremost we give back to the community that has made our success so rewarding. Today, the new generation of our family, Keith & Alura, and our extended family including longtime landscape artists/ experts Tom Babij and Eric Laube have pledged to carry this proud legacy into the future.Type your paragraph here.

-Our Family at James Rose Outdoor Services Inc.

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