Keith and Alura are the up and coming generation of the landscape industry. Keith is Operations Manager and over sees every job we do. He is the only child of Jim and Mary Ann and has therefore spent his life in this industry creating a skill set like none other. Alura is our Marketing and Commercial Liaison Manager. She helps run our office with Mary Ann, along with managing and designing our website and all other marketing tools. Keith and Alura were married in the summer of 2014 and became parents to a little girl named Scarlett in the summer of 2015!

They started James Rose Outdoor Services, Inc. in 1986 as a small grounds keeping business. Together they expanded the company over the next twenty years until Jim retired as President in early 2012. Now President and CEO, Mary Ann is responsible and well known for her customer relations, and until 2013, solely running our office. Though no longer President, Jim still does what he knows and does best for our company, customer consultation, sales and superb landscape design.

James and Mary Ann Rose

Tom Babij: Hardscape Foreman

Eric Laube: General Manager

Tom started with our company in April 2007 with nine years experience in the field. In 2011 he was named Hardscape Foreman for his ability and creativity to always produce beautiful, superbly engineered Hardscapes that surpass industry standards. Tom  likes to spend his free time with his children and taking care of his ducks, chickens and garden at home.

Keith and Alura Rose

Eric started with James Rose Outdoor Services, Inc. in May 2006 as a foreman after sixteen years experience in landscape and a BOCES Education in Conservation, Outdoor Recreation and Heavy Equipment Operation. He is now General Manager and  head of our Lifestyle Living Program. Eric also has two children, and is a Firefighter with Bristol Volunteer Fire Department and has been since 2001